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The Sick In Secular Sweden

February 18, 2007


Di masa-masa cuti ni, kami suka meluangkan masa dengan membaca. Takda kerjalah kami nak membaca majalah sampah seperti Mastika, ataupun novel jalanan Melayu yang jalan ceritanya mendayu-dayu dan sebak. Kami baru saja habis membaca sebuah memoir oleh Ulla-Carin Lindquist yang bertajuk ‘Rowing Without Oars’ dalam terjemahan Inggerisnya. Ulla-Carin Lindquist merupakan seorang wartawan dan penyampai berita […]

Patutkah Kanak-Kanak Dibeduk?

February 11, 2007


Continuing with our special focus on Sweden, a liberal Scandinavian nation with a strong social democratic background, we explore the contentious issue of corporal punishment of children. Apart from having an Ombudsman for Children, Sweden leads the world in child advocacy by being the first country to ban corporal punishment of children, in 1979. Although […]

Who’s The Man? Ombudsman! (A Complainant’s Dream Come True)

February 11, 2007


One of the most striking differences between the Letters section in Malaysian newspapers and those in developed countries is how we regularly misuse it as an avenue to complain on domestic issues. In contrast, readers of the better broadsheets in the First World transform the section into a lively and multi-dimensional forum to discuss various […]

Swedish Simplicity Vs Malaysian Extravagance Part 1: Interior Design

February 7, 2007


Two of Europe’s biggest design powerhouses are Italy and Sweden, and although both are renowned for quality workmanship and an obsession to detail, the two are extremely divergent in terms of philosophy and attitude. Italian establishments, the likes of Fendi, Armani and the showy Versace, lavish the eyes with grandeur and avant-garde creations, while Swedish […]