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There’s Nothing Quite as Ex as an Ex-PM

June 7, 2008


Reading the Malaysian papers these days – itself an act that can at best be described as anti-intelligent – we sometimes wonder if a time machine’s been invented and we’re back in the 90s. As ex-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad makes a comeback in the headlines, we can only sigh over the double-despair of being administered […]

UMNO: The Only Party That Is Consistent

March 17, 2008


There are many nasty things you could say about UMNO, and many have done so, but if there is one thing everybody would agree on, it is that this party has been very consistent. The United Malays National Organization is perhaps second only to George W. Bush in consistently delivering ridiculous statements to the unsuspecting […]

Opposition Supporters Rally Behind Pak Lah

March 10, 2008


Amid growing calls for Abdullah Badawi to resign as Prime Minister following the shock losses suffered by Barisan Nasional in the just-concluded general elections, a grouping of opposition supporters today rallied at an undisclosed location in support of Pak Lah. The supporters were seen carrying banners with the slogan “Stay another 5 years” and “Keep […]