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Tokyo’s Subway (Part I)

February 7, 2012


30 years on, I finally took up Mahathir Mohamad’s ‘Look East Policy’ and went on a holiday in Tokyo, Japan. I realise that despite living in Malaysia, the only other Asian countries I’ve visited are neighbouring Singapore and Thailand. While it’s quite natural for us to venture further into completely foreign lands, in my case […]

Notes on Istanbul

December 27, 2010


Last month I had the pleasure of realising one of my dreams, to visit the ancient yet thoroughly modern city of Istanbul. My first taste of this city was both innocent and grand – a few long years ago I stumbled across a photo of the Aya Sofya in a tourism ad announcing Malaysia Airlines’ […]

Malaysia Tops Power Distance Index

July 26, 2010


Over the past few months I’ve had to entertain the increasing likelihood of leaving Australia and returning to Malaysia. Although Malaysia is a wonderful country to grow up, I’ve always cherished the egalitarian ethos prevalent in Australian society, and most Western cultures in general. In contrast, Malaysia has a very hierarchical structure, and there is […]

Seri Langkat – Jamal Abdillah & Amelina (Lyrics)

December 27, 2009


Seri Langkat Kuala Tungkal, amboi                     Seri Langkat Kuala Tungkal, oh my Padi pulut enak rasanya, sayang                        Glutinous rice it’s so delicious, my love Kalaulah kail, kalaulah kail panjang sejengkal        If one’s fishing line, if one’s fishing line can only go so long Janganlah laut hendak diduga                             Don’t even think of challenging […]

Joget Tari Melenggang Lyrics

December 24, 2009


This video features the song Joget Tari Lenggang (Swaying Dance Joget), also known as Joget Pahang, named after the state in Peninsula Malaysia famous for huge swathes of the oldest rainforest in the world (yes, we Malaysians and our never-ending quest for Guinness book glory). Joget is a popular dance tracing its roots back to […]