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Jalan di Terengganu Diperbesar Untuk Mercedes Benz

July 25, 2008


Jalan-jalan kampung di Terengganu bakal diperbesar bagi memuatkan kereta-kereta Mercedes yang baru dibeli pentadbiran eksekutif negeri itu. Jalan dan lorong-lorong kampung di Terengganu, yang rata-ratanya sempit dan penuh lubang, tidak lagi sesuai untuk digunakan setelah Menteri Besar Ahmad Said menggantikan kereta Proton Perdana kepada Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor. Peruntukan juga bakal dibuat bagi kerja-kerja memperbesar […]

The Rosmah Saga: Soap Opera, Crime Drama or Thriller Gone Horribly Wrong?

June 25, 2008


In America, the mass media is saturated with juicy and often lurid details of their celebrities behaving badly. The public is constantly fed with daily news of drug overdose, public drunkenness and all-round debauchery that characterize the wild and crazy lives of the Hollywood glitterati. In our sensible, conservative country, the artistes and celebrities that […]

There’s Nothing Quite as Ex as an Ex-PM

June 7, 2008


Reading the Malaysian papers these days – itself an act that can at best be described as anti-intelligent – we sometimes wonder if a time machine’s been invented and we’re back in the 90s. As ex-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad makes a comeback in the headlines, we can only sigh over the double-despair of being administered […]

Are We Really A Nation Of Unthinkers?

March 26, 2008


Terengganu Menteri Besar Idris Jusoh has declared his willingness to accept any decision of the Umno leadership that is deemed best for the rakyat, including forgoing the Menteri Besar’s post. He was also prepared to apologise to the Sultan of Terengganu if he “had done anything wrong”. Not that we are especially fond of Idris […]

Royal Rumble Packs a Punch in Terengganu

March 24, 2008


The still talked-about general election has created political fault lines not just between the Opposition-led West Coast and the BN-led East, but also between the separation of executive power between the government and the monarchy. Undoubtedly due to the unprecedented outcome of the elections, we have seen the Sultans of Selangor and Perak and the […]

UMNO: The Only Party That Is Consistent

March 17, 2008


There are many nasty things you could say about UMNO, and many have done so, but if there is one thing everybody would agree on, it is that this party has been very consistent. The United Malays National Organization is perhaps second only to George W. Bush in consistently delivering ridiculous statements to the unsuspecting […]

Penang UMNO Learns A Lesson

March 14, 2008


It hasn’t been a week since the crushing defeat of Barisan National in the Western corridor and already Penang UMNO, unfamiliar with defeat and hungry for power, has displayed the kind of rebellion one would more readily expect from a pampered baby denied his mother’s breast milk. In a politically suicidal move that at worst […]