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Where to now, kampunghouse?

January 27, 2009


It has been a while since anything was penned (or rather, typed) onto the pages of kampunghouse. Only the very illustrious of blogs are able to maintain a steady flow of content for the benefit of its readers and unfortunately, this blog isn’t one of them. We would much rather leave it unattended than to […]

kampunghouse is not a porn site!

September 11, 2007


Despite being a relatively new entrant into the blogging scene and having a rather small readership, we at kampunghouse are quite proud of our achievements so far. We cherish our independence, and hold dear to our commitment to poke fun at everyday Malaysian sensibilities at the expense of everyone, including ourselves. However, if there is […]

Our Disturbing Fascination With MENJ

February 21, 2007


Now that we have concluded with the pomp and ceremony of the “Jaguh Kampung Of The Month”, we would like to focus our attention to this disturbing fascination we harbour towards the mental aptitude and inner workings of MENJ. MENJ is a full-time blogger (read: unemployable) who claims to be “dedicated to the study of […]

Hej Sverige! kampunghouse turns kampunghus

February 6, 2007


Kampunghouse memang sudah lama terpesona dengan Sweden, sebuah negara Skandinavia yang mendahului dunia dalam aspek peningkatan taraf hidup, kesaksamaan wanita dan kanak-kanak serta pengurangan jurang ekonomi antara yang kaya dan yang papa. Sweden diiktiraf sebagai sebuah negara liberal yang mengutamakan kebebasan bersuara, menghormati hak kemanusiaan dan memperjuangkan peningkatan sosial warganegaranya. Walaupun begitu, negara ini tidak […]

Emotionally Unstable Malaysian Bloggers Seek Counselling

January 15, 2007


Recently, there has been a growing number of Malaysian bloggers, such as MENJ who, visibly upset over negative remarks posted by visitors, have demanded silence from them, or to simply “GET LOST”. This ‘if you don’t like it get out’ idea, and its close relative the ‘if you write negative comments I won’t publish it’ […]