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Scenes from a footy match

August 30, 2010


Last weekend I went to the footy match between Collingwood and Hawthorn, two big Melbourne teams, of which I support neither (I go for the St Kilda Saints!). I became a footy fan during my years at uni, where I’ll have the TV switched on to a match while I’m cooking. Curiosity turned to interest, […]

Distressed Walls – Melbourne Café Trend of the Month

February 12, 2010


Melbourne has a reputation for great coffee, largely furnished by Melburnians themselves but not entirely undeserved nonetheless. Besides the usual espresso-style drinks, nowadays we’re seeing new types of coffee with names like Siphon and Clover coming out of complicated equipments that look more like lab apparatus than brewing machines. I’m quite a fan of the […]

Sydney Road, Brunswick

February 12, 2010


Sydney Road is the beating heart of Brunswick. Although it proudly lays claim to being Melbourne’s longest continuous shopping strip, its sheer length can sometimes be a curse as shoppers struggle with the logistical challenge of traversing the road. At the moment, the strategy that’s being used is to compartmentalise the road into several distinct […]

Brunswick, the Lesser Known

February 3, 2010


For the past 2 years I had the pleasure of living in Brunswick, a gritty inner city suburb known in popular culture for its myriad ethnicities, shootings (gangland figure Lewis Moran gunned down at the Brunswick Club, strip club bouncer shot by unsatisfied customer…) and Mediterranean Wholesalers, the biggest Italian supermarket in Melbourne. While fully-gentrified […]

Some Unexpected News

January 30, 2010


I usually leave the fluffy stuff for Facebook updates (yes I’m banal..) but I couldn’t get past this news blooper by the enigmatic SBS news presenter Lee Lin Chin. Between this and the other memorable news blooper on Channel Nine, I’m not sure which one rocks my socks off more.

Melbourne CBD: Leisure

January 23, 2010


Lunchtime crowd at Journal cafe, City Library. Known for its good coffee and tasty foccaccias, although to be fair that’s a claim equally applicable to many other Melbourne cafes. Some at the top of my head are, the veggie foccacia at three wise muffins at Melb Uni (roasted pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum, cheese, salad leaves and […]

Melbourne CBD: Laneways at Lunchtime

January 23, 2010


I ran out of things to do the other day so I thought I’d just go for a walk around my neighbourhood and snap pictures. Albert Coates Lane, QV. Don’t let the posh upmarket boutiques intimidate you. Walk along and an elevator down the basement brings you to the Big W discount store and the […]