Scenes from a footy match

Posted on August 30, 2010


Last weekend I went to the footy match between Collingwood and Hawthorn, two big Melbourne teams, of which I support neither (I go for the St Kilda Saints!). I became a footy fan during my years at uni, where I’ll have the TV switched on to a match while I’m cooking. Curiosity turned to interest, and the next thing you know my heart was pounding as I watch the teams fight over the ball during the last minutes of the game. Aussie rules football, as it’s popularly known, is played throughout Australia, although the state of Victoria, and specifically the city of Melbourne, is the spiritual centre of the game. Whenever I go to stadiums I like to divert my attention occasionally to the other spectators, and I always wonder what sort of lives they lead. Do they have similar lives to me? Are they happier? What do they normally eat for dinner? What kind of challenges are they facing? How do they cope with tragedy? I try to capture this curiosity of mine into some of the photos below, while in others I try to bring out that surge of adrenalin that you get in a live event – the overwhelming crowds, the deafening roars of the fans, and the vast space dedicated to seeing a horde of men chasing after a very tiny ball.

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