Melbourne CBD: Leisure

Posted on January 23, 2010


IMG_3180 Lunchtime crowd at Journal cafe, City Library. Known for its good coffee and tasty foccaccias, although to be fair that’s a claim equally applicable to many other Melbourne cafes. Some at the top of my head are, the veggie foccacia at three wise muffins at Melb Uni (roasted pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum, cheese, salad leaves and a smudge of olive oil and tomato paste) and the one at Green Refectory, Sydney Road Brunswick (extremely creamy feta, black olives, yoghurt and lentils).

IMG_3187 Front facade of the Flinders St train station. Green-and-gold is to Australia what Orange is to the Netherlands. An odd colour combo in theory, it works surprisingly well here, albeit in a takes-a-while-to-get-used-to-it sorta way.

IMG_3188 The Altona line is running a little late…



IMG_3219 Ol’ skool Italian. I’ve been meaning to come in and try their legendary pasta, but there are so many things in life I’d like to try but never got around to doing…

IMG_3208 Teage Ezard’s Asian-inspired restaurant Gingerboy. Another one of those I-would-like-to-try-but-never-do, partly because of poverty, partly because of my perception that “Asian-inspired” is just an elegant way to describe toned-down Asian flavours. As a Malaysian I like my flavours bold and in your face, and yes preferably cheap. Anyway I think anyone growing up in Malaysia will invariably find poshed-up “hawker style food” restaurants disappointing. Best to go with the Italian.

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