Joget Si Pinang Muda Lyrics

Posted on January 19, 2010


Wahai cik abang adik bertanya                   My dear man I would like to ask
Hatimu yang kasih apalah tandanya x2       Your loving heart, what is the sign x2

Padi pulut padi lembah                             Glutinous paddy, paddy of the valley
Padi kuning di dalam peti (x2)                   Yellow paddy kept in the safe (x2)
Janji mulut boleh berubah                         A promise of the lips can change
Janji suci dibawa mati (x2)                        A sacred promise one keeps to death (x2)

Korus :                                                 Chorus:
Mari-mari cik adik                                    Come come my lady
Mari-mari cik abang                                 Come come my man
Mari kita berdendang                               Let us happily sing
Si pinang muda                                      Of the young areca nut palm
Mari-mari cik adik                                    Come come my lady
Mari-mari cik abang                                 Come come my man
Menyanyilah, menarilah                            Let’s sing, let’s dance
Si-lah pinang muda                                  Of the young areca nut palm
Ha-ha-hai !                                             Ha-ha-hai !
Si-lah pinang muda                                  Of the young areca nut palm

Wahai cik adik abang nak tahu                  My dear lady I would like to know
Apakah ubatnya hatiku yang rindu x2        What is the cure for my yearning heart x2

Tinggi sungguh bulan satu                        How high is the one moon
Mana lawan bintang seribu (x2)                 Yet no match for a thousand stars (x2)
Kalau adik rasa rindu                                If my lady yearns for me
Dalam mimpi kita bertemu (x2)                  In the dreams shall we meet (x2)

Korus                                                     Chorus

Wahai cik abang mengapa tak percaya        My dear man why won’t you believe me
Ambillah pisau nak ku belahkan dada x2      Take the knife I wish to tear open your chest x2

Dua tiga kucing berlari                              Two three cats running around
Mana nak sama kucing belang (x2)             Unequal nonetheless to the striped cat (x2)
Dua tiga boleh cari                                   Two three girls I can find for sure
Mana nak sama adik seorang (x2)              Unequal nonetheless to the one my lady (x2)

Korus                                                     Chorus

Joget Si Pinang Muda (Joget of the Young Areca Nut Palm) is a song first featured in 1956 in the classic film Anakku Sazali (My Son Sazali). It tells of a poor orphan named Hassan who works for a wealthy man with a daughter named Mahani. Hassan has a deep passion for music and was sent to train as a musician while Mahani was wedded off to a man of her father’s choice. Hassan, who was in love with Mahani, could not accept the decision and before long, they both eloped to Singapore to be together. Hassan soon became a famous musician and was delighted by the arrival of his firstborn to Mahani. Joy turned to sorrow as Mahani died giving birth to a son, Sazali. Hassan, bereft of his beloved wife, showered his only son with unrestrained affection which turned Sazali into a spoilt brat. Sazali grew up to become a gang leader and this brought further misery to his doting father.

That’s a quick synopsis of the movie. Anyway, the song concerns the loving relationship between Hassan and Mahani, featured in the first video from a scene in the movie. It shows the couple, brilliantly played by P. Ramlee and Zaiton Abdullah (although the female singer is Normadiah), playfully teasing each other before dancing the joget to the tune of the song. I really love this scene; the effortless chemistry between the two partners accentuates the playful innocence of Malay couples in classic movies, a fundamentally different alternative to the sensuous lovemaking typical of European films, though no less beautiful. The gramophone, taking on a central position in the scene, alludes to the romanticism of a bygone era. The second still-video is a full version of the song, from which the lyrics are taken. Here, we get to fully appreciate the crisp vocals and effervescent melody of both P. Ramlee and Normadiah. Beautiful!

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