Lenggang Lenggok (Swinging and Swaying) lyrics

Posted on January 14, 2010


And now for something more upbeat. Like the previous ghazal tunes Memikat Janda (Charming a Divorcee) and Dia Datang (Here She Comes), Lenggang Lenggok (Swing and Sway) is a song dedicated to women – her captivating sways, her charming smiles, her glistening black Pantene locks…you get the idea. I guess women are just more interesting to sing and dance about than us men. As is now becoming customary, I’ve included two videos, although not for comparing with one another. The first video is a live performance by Singaporean artiste Marina Yusoff, which I think has been edited because some lyrics are missing. So I’ve put up a second video, which is a still-clip of the song in its entirety, featuring a duet by Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris, the two foremost artistes in the irama Malaysia genre.

Like most tunes in this genre, the song’s underlying message is about polite demeanour and self dignity, qualities highly coveted within the Malay community. The infamous bunga dedap, a flower blessed with big luscious red petals but completely lacking in fragrance gets a mention, to refer to a beautiful woman who lacks good manners. The diamond also gets a cameo appearance, for its glistening shine even when buried in a cesspool (I wonder if anyone’s ever tried to prove this). This of course refers to a woman with a pure heart, whose lustre will never be overlooked even if she is poor or unglamorous.

Korus (first 2 para)                               Chorus (first 2 para)
Lenggang lenggok bergaya                  Swaying and swinging in style
senyum manisnya                              her sweet smile
Sunguh menawan                              so captivating
Paras cantik memikat                          Her beautiful looks charm
gaya manjanya                                  her adorable style
Hati tertawan                                    captures the heart

Rambut panjang berjurai                   Long flowing locks
hitam berkilat                                   shining black
Mayang mengurai                             like palm blossom streaks
Lemah lembut gayanya                      Fragile and gentle is her style
tersenyum simpul                             knotted smile
Lemah gemalai                                 elegant fragility

Resah jangan diharap                          Don’t wish for anxiety
pagi yang cerah                                 on a bright morning
Bawa bersenda                                   that brings jest
Usah bagaikan dedap                          Don’t be like the dedap flower
sungguhpun merah                            despite its red colour
Harum tiada                                       it lacks fragrance

Bukan kerana mawar                        It’s not due to the rose
kumbang mengidam
                        that the bugs covet
Seri gubahan                                  the radiant flower arrangement
Intan tetap bersinar                         Diamonds persist in shine
walau terbenam                               despite being buried
Di perlimbahan                                 in cesspool

Korus (x2)                                      Chorus (x2)

Cantik baju kebaya                          Beautiful kebaya dress
pukau warnanya                             stunning colours
Berbunga jarang                             with translucent floral patterns
Baik budi bahasa                             A polite demeanour
walau kemana                                wherever one may be
Dikenang orang                              will be cherished by all

Segar dingin terasa                           Fresh and cool it feels
bayu membelai                               the bayou caresses
Tiada henti                                      without fail
Biar miskin kelana                             Let one be a poor vagabond
asalkan pandai                                 as long as one knows
Mengambil hati                                 how to flatter the heart

Korus (x2)                                      Chorus (x2)

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