Where to now, kampunghouse?

Posted on January 27, 2009


It has been a while since anything was penned (or rather, typed) onto the pages of kampunghouse. Only the very illustrious of blogs are able to maintain a steady flow of content for the benefit of its readers and unfortunately, this blog isn’t one of them. We would much rather leave it unattended than to simply fill the site with hastily written articles just for the sake of updating constantly.

This blog started off as a space to present a young, careless perspective of contemporary Malaysian life, in the hope of attracting those amongst us who have grown tired of the angry, bitter and expletive-riddled tone of some of the other blogs. We cannot overstate our repulsion towards the thoughtless use of cuss words in articles, especially by those who somehow think the mere utterance of the F-word automatically elevates one to the hip and trendy set. Of course, although we frown on the language of the unlettered folk, we would never censor our readers who choose to employ such nasty words.

Although we’ve thoroughly enjoyed commenting and poking fun on fellow Malaysians, the longer we are away from our homeland, the harder it is to analyse and comment on the daily itinerary of our countryfolk. We risk being ‘armchair Malaysians’ if we solely rely on the news and views of The Star, Petaling Street and Malaysiakini, instead of being out there on the street striking lively conversations over a refreshingly cold glass of teh ais limau. Alas, some of us at kampunghouse can never quite keep quiet, and so instead of disbanding altogether we will let one of us experiment with a blog that would reflect a much more personal perspective (in plain terms, a blog about me, me, me!).

Honestly, I don’t know what is in store for kampunghouse in 2009, in much the same way clever economists have no clue over the state of the global economy. But I shan’t worry and instead, just keep writing. I hope you’ve found kampunghouse to be, at the very least, mildly thought-provoking in its past, and will find its reincarnation, at the minimum, as interesting as some of the good blogs out there.