Penang UMNO Learns A Lesson

Posted on March 14, 2008


It hasn’t been a week since the crushing defeat of Barisan National in the Western corridor and already Penang UMNO, unfamiliar with defeat and hungry for power, has displayed the kind of rebellion one would more readily expect from a pampered baby denied his mother’s breast milk. In a politically suicidal move that at worst is shameless and at best, infantile, the state UMNO has recommended the Federal Government to stop all proposed mega projects in Penang as payback to the naughty electorate for kicking the BN state government out of power. “Don’t blame us for this”, said Azhar Ibrahim, the newly appointed opposition chief when asked to clarify on the attention-seeking move.

Such a response would be tolerated if he was a kindergarten boy trying to escape punishment for drawing circles on his best friend’s face with a permanent marker. But to use it as an excuse to justify denying an entire state its due development? Isn’t that a bit melodramatic? Perhaps Azhar Ibrahim misses those bygone black-and-white days when schoolyard bullies rule supreme, but at a time when the people are smarter than politicians, and more than happy to kick the bad guys out, such childish rants are unnecessary. He has further demanded Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng to stop issuing statements that “could hurt the feelings of the Malays”. Does he think we are a community of crybabies that starts throwing tantrums every time someone makes comments about us?

“Any move to introduce the open tender system in Penang would only lead to the marginalization of the Malays”, boomed the schoolyard-bully-turned-playground-outcast. Someone forgot to tell him the Malays have long been marginalized, even under the rule of the so-called protectors of Malay sovereignty. UMNO clings to power on the back of Malay impoverishment and dependency, feeding us with the propaganda drug that no other party can protect our interests other than the benevolent and kind leaders of UMNO. We had to kick the habit someday, and that’s why we voted you out. Don’t blame us for this.