How Many Damansaras Can You Count?

Posted on December 31, 2007


Driving around the multi-tiered highways of west Kuala Lumpur these days, it seems every other suburb is a derivative of Damansara. It’s hard to imagine there used to be only one Damansara in town, the hilly suburb of Damansara Heights, which has since given rise to Damansara Utama, Jaya, Perdana, Damai, Impian, Kota Damansara, Bandar Damansara and even a Pelangi Damansara. Half of Kuala Lumpur wants to rename itself Damansara, as property developers cash in on the name and middle-class Malaysians seek to elevate their social status by living in the ‘right’ residential area.

It’s not our intention to spoil other people’s real estate aspirations, but isn’t it a bit confusing when neighbouring suburbs are all variations of the one name? Sure, the mere mention of ‘Damansara’ evokes exotic images of unparalleled elegance and unmatched wealth, but there must be other Malay-Sanskrit words that do the job equally well? In the interest of confusion minimization, let’s apply a moratorium on the word Damansara (and for that matter, Kiara as well), and urge our property developers to come up with another cash-cow-name for the burgeoning suburbs of west Kuala Lumpur.

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