Al Jazeera Lambasted For Spreading News and Information

Posted on November 30, 2007


After gaining equal amounts of popularity and notoriety in the United States and the Middle East for its groundbreaking news and unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity, the Al Jazeera network is now targeting Malaysia in its quest to spread truthful information. This has raised the ire of many Malaysians, who after 50 years of independence have grown accustomed to the uniquely Malaysian brand of one-sided journalism. The Minister for Misinformation, Zainuddin Maidin, affectionately known as Zam, has warned his fellow countrymen not to be swayed by Al-Jazeera’s reports, and to stick to the more reliable local media outlets.

The Minister for Misinformation was unavailable for comment when asked if Malaysia, in lambasting the network, is now in the same vein as the despotic and authoritarian societies in the Middle East which have closed down the network’s offices and jailed its journalists. Several Malaysians were visibly upset with the network and demanded stern action. “Bring us back the pro-government propaganda we deserve!” shouted Halimah Zainal, a part-time kuih semperit baker from Kajang, in a small but illegal rally organized in support of RTM and TV3. Lim Ah Kiat, a technician from Sabak Bernam, expressed his anger at Al Jazeera for airing undistorted images and facts about Malaysia in broad daylight. “My 10 year old son was watching the news, and now he thinks there is something wrong with this country. It is at times like these, that we need the expertise of RTM and the (nauseating) NST to present filtered information to the public”.

*This article has been verified to contain baseless allegations and false claims and therefore approved by the Ministry for Misinformation.

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