Our Disturbing Fascination With MENJ

Posted on February 21, 2007


Now that we have concluded with the pomp and ceremony of the “Jaguh Kampung Of The Month”, we would like to focus our attention to this disturbing fascination we harbour towards the mental aptitude and inner workings of MENJ. MENJ is a full-time blogger (read: unemployable) who claims to be “dedicated to the study of comparative religions”. He hopes the “comparative religions” credential will give him an air of scholarly authority. This infantile aspiration, however, is immediately crushed once we read his articles, which is essentially an emotional bash-and-rant against other religions and cultures. Fellow Muslims who do not share his views are conveniently labelled as “heretics”. Anyone who raises issues concerning Islam are immediately condemned as “Islamophobes”, in much the same way as anyone criticising Israel are denounced as ‘Anti-Semitic’ by Jewish zealots.

You need only be mildly intelligent to appreciate that MENJ is in fact, the mirror image of hardline Zionists, right-wing American evangelists and the ignoramus Dutch MP he so self-righteously criticised. Although we tend to laugh off his irrational and imbecilic posts as some twisted form of comedy, the sad fact is that MENJ represents a cross-section of Malaysian youths who desperately need help. Coming from a low socioeconomic background, possessing minimal education and wholly unattractive to the workforce, these youths are disenfranchised from mainstream society and are unable to respond and interact with the modern world. Their narrow-minded mentality, disguised as “Islamic” should come as no surprise, because their upbringing and environment have denied them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Although his face might suggest otherwise, MENJ is not born an idiot. He grew up into one. Although we occasionally have a laugh at his expense, and unfairly chastise him as “hodoh lagi bodoh”, we sincerely feel sorry for his predicament.