Chinese Mosque Delay: The Bebalism of State Religious Authorities

Posted on January 31, 2007


We are extremely disappointed and outraged at the State Religious Authorities of Malacca and Selangor, Perak Mufti Harussani Idris and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Abdullah Md Zin for what we view as a sustained and systematic official nonchalance in efforts to build mosques by the Chinese community. It is ridiculous that the Chinese Muslim community has been resigned to wait for decades for a mosque, in a nation that prides itself as an Islamic country, and eager to showcase its multicultural and multi-religious heritage.

The fact that the Malacca Chinese Muslim Association’s application to build a mosque was rejected points not so much to laziness, which is very well documented in state governments, but a sinister and communal mentality among religious authorities that seek to exclude any contribution by non-Malays towards the Muslim ummah. It is indicative of the mistrust by certain sections of Malaysian society towards those who do not belong to their race, regardless of the religious or national identity which they share in common. We are overwhelmingly distressed that Islam in Malaysia is being held in trust to bureaucrats who seem to have forgotten that the religion onto which they profess places a very strong emphasis on respect and equality towards fellow humans, regardless of race or religion.

The Malay community is already generously represented by bebals and bigots who either due to self-interest or a genuine lack of intellect, are inflicting damage to the community they claim to serve. We really do not need for the wider Malaysian Islamic community to be infected by such people.

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