Emotionally Unstable Malaysian Bloggers Seek Counselling

Posted on January 15, 2007


Recently, there has been a growing number of Malaysian bloggers, such as MENJ who, visibly upset over negative remarks posted by visitors, have demanded silence from them, or to simply “GET LOST”. This ‘if you don’t like it get out’ idea, and its close relative the ‘if you write negative comments I won’t publish it’ mentality, is a concept that is totally alien to the ideals of free speech and democracy, and is perhaps a reflection of the level of iron-fist dictatorship which Malaysians have been subjected to over the past two decades.

When a blogger chooses to publicly post his or her article on the Internet, he has to understand that there will be readers who may not agree with his views, and they are entitled to voice their disapproval, before they “get lost”, just as he has the right to leave comments on websites that he visits. If he is able to accept praises and adulation from admirers, he should be just as able to accept negative feedback. You cannot have it both ways. When a person publishes articles in public, he is ‘fair game’ to comments, be they roses or brickbats. If he is unable to comply, then he should perhaps retrieve to the private life.

Some other bloggers pretend to be fair and declare they have no problem with “constructive criticism”. “Constructive criticism” is a deceptive phrase usually employed by people who are otherwise unable to accept negative comments, in an effort to appear rational. In actual fact, these “constructive criticisms” are opinions they themselves more or less agree with. It is not that difficult to accept “constructive criticisms” if you agree with them in the first place. When a visitor posts critical feedback on their websites, the reply by these mob of emotionally unstable bloggers is usually riddled with expletives and generous use of multiple exclamation marks, a practice we suspect they adopt from 12 year old spoilt brats suffering from ADD.

MENJ is not the only one suffering from anger management issues. There are numerous websites out there, dedicated to bashing the government, bashing God, bashing atheists, bashing cross-dressing transsexuals, bashing the fly-infested mee goreng at Seksyen 19, that display overtly emotional language.

Why then, do we unfairly target MENJ, when there are many other Malaysian bloggers out there, who either due to a lack of vocabulary, a traumatic childhood or unresolved issues,resort to employing course language and a ridiculous number of exclamation marks? Why do we concentrate on him, when there are many other bloggers who are more educated, more intelligent and are far better equipped at defending themselves without looking like an infantile fool? The main reason is because, as stated by MENJ, he simply does not care. From the tone of his language, it is clear that criticisms have upset him, and we suspect there have been numerous. Although we at kampunghouse pride ourselves at being irresponsible and irreverent, we sincerely believe further distressing MENJ  on his website will aggravate his already serious emotional instability (even though that hasn’t stopped us in the past), and after having to endure more than 20 years of authoritarian rule by an emotionally disturbed Prime Minister, we understand the severe implications and acknowledge that this is no laughing matter.

To MENJ, and all the other angry and emotionally unstable bloggers, we wish them a speedy recovery