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Superstar Santa

December 25, 2006


In the world of pop-culture, cranky old people, politely referred to as senior citizens, generally occupy the bottom rung of the trendsetter ladder. It is common for senior citizens to hold safe and mundane posts, such as professors or senators, but it is extremely rare to find them clinging to the top spot of superstar […]

Are We The World’s Most Ridiculous Country?

December 23, 2006


After years of establishing itself as the number one exporter of things as diverse as palm oil and home electronic gadgets, these days Malaysia is poised to become the main source of laughing stock for the rest of the world. Recent endeavours, such as the proposed RM500 million London sports complex to acclimatise our athletes […]

We’re Not Fashionable, We’re Malaysians

December 16, 2006


In Malaysia, the great divide between city and country, Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Kubu Baru, is narrowed by the fashion sense that the citizens and countryfolk have in common. Wherever you go, ‘walau di kota mahupun di desa’, Malaysians are united in their practical approach to dress styles in this hot and humid nation. In […]